You want to design and build your own lightweight structures? With Refiflex, you can – using only carbon.

Demand for lighter, stiffer frames and structures is on the rise, thanks to higher processing speeds and the growing use of lighter robots. Current frames are often constructed with aluminium profiles and connectors. With our Refiflex carbon construction system, we’ve taken things a step further, enabling you to create 100% carbon frames and structures. 

✓ 100% carbon constructions
✓ High flexibility
✓ Easy to bond and assemble yourself

Two comprehensive construction systems available online

At our online shop, we offer two construction systems:

1. RefiFlex30: a system based on 30mm round tubes and matching connectors;
2. RefiFlex25: a system based on 25x25mm square tubes and matching connectors.

Visit for product details, prices and specifications. The carbon products, adhesive and necessary accessories are available from stock.

Standard carbon products are easily to order online at the carbon webshop 

Finishing and assembly of constructions

With our standard programme you can assemble beautiful carbon structures yourself. Refitech can also provide custom-made products according to your requirements. Sheets and panels can be sawed and CNC-milled as needed.

Customer-specific structures for industrial clients

For industrial clients, we also offer the possibility of designing customer-specific composite structures based on our standard collection. And if you want, we can mount and assemble them, too. We offer this service for prototype building, small batches and serial production. Many customers have already benefited from our knowledge and experience in this area.

Examples of applications realised at Refitech

✓ Lightweight frames
✓ Extractors for plastic injection moulding machines
✓ Robot grippers for product handling
✓ Stabiliser bars and supporting arms
✓ Transmissions for assembly machines
✓ Sandwich panels for sub frames
✓ Milled sheets, round and square tubes for drones
✓ Tubes for lightweight trusses for large-span structures

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