The production of pultruded profiles is partially automated. It involves pulling dry fibres through a preforming guide, or tension roller, and a resin bath. This creates products whose fibre orientation direction is entirely longitudinal (unidirectional or UD).

After production, the surface of the CFC rod is smoothed with a tolerance of + – 0.1 mm. To reach a tolerance of +- 0.05 mm, we process the rods using grinders. Various profile shapes are possible, including flat, oval, rectangular and round profiles. The surface is smooth and does not need further processing. Profiles can be made with a maximum cross-section of 10.0 mm and a customer-specific length of up to 6,000 mm.

– Profiles reinforced with carbon, glass and basalt fibres
– Fibre volume fraction: +/- 65%
– Resins applied: epoxy, polyester or vinyl ester
– Standard lengths: 1 and 2 meters (on request we can produce rods up to 6 meters in length)



To produce carbon rods, dry carbon fibres are impregnated with resin and pulled through a preformed guide, or tension roller. This results in a smooth product with a tolerance of +/- 0.1 mm. For higher accuracies, and at customer request, we can further grind rods to a tolerance of +/- 0.05 mm.

The standard rod is made of High Tenacity fibre (HT) with a maximum diameter of 20 mm and an elastic modulus (E-modulus) of 80,000 MPa. We can also produce rods with High Modulus material (HM) on request and for customer-specific applications.

Standaard carbon producten zijn gemakkelijk online te bestellen via de carbonwebshop


We produce our carbon fibre pultrusion tubes in a similar way to the rods (see above). The orientation direction of the pultrusion tubes is also longitudinal (UD). This makes them particularly suitable for applications that require high pressure resistance and bending stiffness, but that cannot withstand torsion loads. For a bending-torsion application, you need the laminated tube.

The pultrusion tubes are available in 0.7 to 28 mm diameters and in standard lengths of 1 or 2 meters. On request we can deliver rods of up to 6 meters.



Fiberglass profiles in rod or tube form are available in diameters ranging from 1 mm to 30 mm, with both black and white finish. The standard lengths are 1 and 2 meters, but we can deliver up to 6 meters in length on request. The fiberglass-reinforced rods can also be given a cylindrical shape, depending on customer requirements. Varnishes and printing are also possible.

Additionally, we can integrate wiring for signal transmission in the fiberglass or basalt. These cables can be produced as reels of limitless length and we do not sell them as a standard product.

Find out more about composite signal cables.

Examples of fibre-reinforced rod applications:

  • Antennas
  • Industrial brushes
  • Cable technology
  • Reinforcement bars for convertible roofs
  • Fibre technologies
  • Modelling
  • Sports equipment (Flexi-bar)
  • Riding whips
  • Golf sticks
  • Aerial and drone systems

If you have any questions about applications for pultrusion composite profiles, please contact us today. Refitech can provide customized products as well as our standard range.

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