Carbon tubes can be used for a variety of applications, for example in frames, standards, as well as in robotic grippers and precision measurement setups. Our carbon tubes are made of prepreg carbon fibres with epoxy resin and laminated to a dimensionally stable core. With this high-end material, you can achieve the highest specifications and the best quality at a fibre volume content of approximately 65% (= 65% carbon fibre, 35% epoxy).

Standard sizes
Our tubes are available in standard sizes of 1 or 2 m, with wall thickness varying from 1 to 3 mm. We can shorten the tubes according to your requirements as well as carrying out various finishing operations, such as drilling and/or milling.

Delivery within a few days
All Refitech carbon fibre tubes have a standard smooth finish inside and out. The table below offers an overview of our standard sizes. These tubes can be delivered within a few days.

Insert verlijming en assemblage

Standard carbon products are easily to order online at the carbon webshop

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