Carbon fibre components for UAVs, drones and RPAS

When it comes to unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), drones and Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS), the unique properties of carbon as a construction material are immediately obvious:

  • Its lightness and high shapeability make carbon ideally suited for frames and components
  • Easy integration of metal inserts, links and functionality, resulting in high-speed, precise assembly
  • Excellent aesthetic qualities for eye-catching designs



Serial production of high-end frames and components

At Refitech we offer you the additional advantage of having your high-end carbon fibre and glass fibre (monocoque) frames and components for different professional UAV applications produced serially. As your experienced composite engineering partner, we will select the most appropriate carbon and glass fibre materials and production techniques for your application. Under strict quality assurance and ISO certification, we will then produce the first prototypes and product series.

  • We work with high-quality prepreg weaves and epoxy resins.
  • We also use vacuum infusion, or Light RTM (Resin Transfer Moulding), to process dry carbon and glass fibre with resin in order to form lightweight components.
  • We always work closely with our customers to combine optimal design and performance with minimal weight.


We like to do much more than just manufacturing frames and components. And our customers like us to as well. Many come to us with their own unique designs, each with its own requirements and specifications, depending on the model and its uses. Together with each customer, we screen the design and advise on any adjustments needed to realise the best possible product. With Refitech, you can count on having a sophisticated design that meets your wishes at realistic production costs.

Whatever your aerial system needs to take wing, you can rely on Refitech to supply the know-how and to make your design possible. For example:

  • Integration of conduits and inserts
  • Weight reductions
  • Movable wing flaps
  • Battery boxes
  • Composite wings
  • Low-weight lacquering

Examples of applications realised at Refitech

  • Monocoque and composite frames for extra light hexacopters and helicopters
  • Fuselage and wings for fixed wing
  • Carbon sub assembly and compositions
  • Lightweight battery holders
  • Landing gears
  • Rotor blades
  • Ultralight panels, tubes and assembly

Carbonfiber multicopter

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