Turning your idea into a serial product

At Refitech, we’re experts in converting product ideas into serial composite products. We will gladly share our expertise in this technology with you in order to create innovative solutions together.


The first steps in developing a new product

As carbon composites are subject to different design rules than those that apply to other, more traditional materials – such as steel and aluminium – we encourage our customers to engage us at an early stage in the development of a new product. On receiving your design query or proposal, we will first assess its feasibility, after which the design process is started. Whether you have come up with a brand new idea or want us to convert an existing product into a composite solution – we will show you the way, creating CAD drawings if necessary, and offering full support with regard to design and product specifications.

‘Designed to manufacture’

In the design phase, we will determine the best production method, the necessary tools and test methods. We will do so on the basis of the ‘designed to manufacture’ principle. According to this principle, the design phase is essential if you want to realise a product that will be easy to manufacture and reproduce – a vital condition for serial production, whether in large or small amounts. This is why at Refitech we are committed to a quality design phase. It is also the reason why we always make sure our products are functionally tested before release.

Have an idea? Contact the Refitech Composites Engineering Centre

At the Refitech Composite Engineering Centre, we are equipped and eager to support you with your product engineering. Do you have an idea for a product or an innovative improvement for your machine, and do you want to find out whether it can be made of carbon? Feel free to visit us and see and experience the material and its possibilities first-hand. At the Refitech Experience centre, we will let your engineers feel and explore existing products and discuss the feasibility of your concept. Based on your wishes, we can then offer a customised quotation.

Choose from different quotation options:

  • Full development trajectory from prototype design to controlled serial production;
  • Feasibility study including strength calculations, testing and prototype production.


Industrial components made of composite materials are often used for products requiring maximum strength and minimal weight. If you have a more complex product in mind, composite strength calculations can give you valuable information for an optimal design. An FEM analysis (Finite Element Method) will give you an advance insight into strength specifications, which will help to determine a balanced construction of the composite component. On the basis of an FEM analysis, product simulations can also be carried out, such as a crash test. Using these methods can help you shorten the design phase and avoid costly test phases.



Composite products are manufactured with the help of moulds. These moulds can be made with a variety of materials. For simple prototypes, wooden moulds will often suffice. Composite moulds are very precise and temperature-stable. Aluminium and steel moulds are extremely suitable for serial production. The choice depends on the complexity of the product, the serial production volume and the desired precision. Taking your specific needs and wants into careful consideration, Refitech can help you choose the mould that best suits your wishes.


For serial products we design complete production units and tools. Our efficient production target is based on LEAN manufacturing principles. This guarantees your composite product’s reliability and quality.

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