Our square tubes programme is based on years of experience in the field of high-load and dynamic industrial applications involving rigorous demands in terms of lightness, stiffness and strength.

Available in two kinds

Our laminated square carbon fibre tubes are made of prepreg material with a smooth twill weave outer finish and a rough inside. They are available in two variations:

  • A tube offering high torsional rigidity
  • A tube offering maximum stiffness, or rigidity (minimal deflection)

This means you will always have the ideal lightweight tube for the structure you have in mind.

✓ Fibre orientation and material design can vary
✓ Fibre volume content: approximately 65%+ (the highest possible)
✓ Premium quality suitable for almost every lightweight structure

Standard sizes

Our carbon fibre tubes are available at in standard lengths of 1 and 2 m and a wall thickness of 1,8 to 1,9 mm. The table below offers an overview of the available sizes.


Additional customisation services

✓ Shortening
✓ Milling, drilling
✓ Different wall thicknesses according to the customer’s requirements (at minimum ordering quantities)
✓ Strength/FEM calculations

Standard carbon products are easily to order online at the carbon webshop

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