World’s first all-carbon building system completed with new connector set



Refietch has launched a new and complete all-carbon building system at the Materials 2017 trade fair in Veldhoven, the Netherlands.

Refitech BV has extended its standard range of round and square carbon tubes for industrial applications with a series of round connectors. The entire set will soon be available online at the carbonwebshop. This makes the Waalwijk-based carbon developer the first company in the world to offer a comprehensive, all-carbon building system. The connectors are based on carbon epoxy and completely laminated by hand. The square components match Refitech’s square tubes of 25×25 millimetres, while the round ones can be combined with Refitech’s round tubes of 30×28 and 30×27 millimetres. By applying fitting rings during bonding, users can combine round tubes of both diameters in the same construction.

carbon connector







Refitech’s products offer a wide range of applications. Some examples:
• Movable arms and robot arms for automated, high-precision relocation of relatively light weights at very high speeds;
• Grippers and robot grippers for injection-moulding machines, in which the conventional aluminium frame is replaced by carbon;
• Supports and industrial tripods for test or measurement setups involving the exposure of measuring equipment to varying temperatures and requiring predictable, minimum measurement errors.

A high-end niche player

Refitech’s aim with the extension of the carbon building system is to reach out to a broader range of customers. Says Sales Engineer Bas Nijpels, ‘As a niche player known for high quality and high certification levels, we are continuously developing our capacity to convert customers’ product ideas into innovative, high-value serial products. Extending our services by offering a comprehensive do-it-yourself construction system matches our ambition to really help our customers, giving them easy access to the many advantages of carbon.’

Refitech Stand number 19, Materials 2017

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