Composietdelen voor medische apparatuur

Carbon fibre is a radiolucent substance, which means electromagnetic radiation, particularly X-rays, can freely pass through it. This makes carbon fibre highly suitable for radiology and X-ray systems. Glass fibre composite is ideal for MRI applications, but also for robust casings for precision equipment. The high shapeability and low weight of composites contribute result in user-friendly, high-quality products. Add to that the high chemical resistance and temperature stability of composites and it is evident that these materials add tremendous value to the medical equipment industry.

Refitech has developed and produces various products for the medical industry, for example:

  • Imaging panels and cassettes offering low absorption and high homogeneity
  • Table tops for CT scanning equipment
  • Components for radiology and MRI
  • Casings for medical equipment


Key benefits of composites for medical equipment

✓ Radiolucency
✓ Robust strenght
✓ Low weight
✓ High shapeability
✓ High chemical resistance

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