Composite casing and components for equipment and machine production:



Industrial equipment has many functional requirements. In addition to mechanical requirements, today’s designs place increasing demands on user-friendliness, ergonomics and sustainability. With synthetic composites, you can construct highly shapeable, self-supporting components, such as casings, frames and structural parts – while also benefiting from easy reproducibility in small and large series.

The combination of light weight with high stiffness and strength makes composites an excellent material for replacing traditional metal parts or other synthetics. The composite production process also allows you to integrate other parts in the process. Think, for example, of metal and synthetic inserts, cables, rubber components, conduits etc. Add to that other qualities, such as high shapeability and minimal wall thickness, and you will agree that components from composite materials offer unprecedented opportunities for creating unique products.

Examples of applications realised at Refitech


  • Casings for measurement equipment with integrated stainless steel inserts
  • 3D complex shaped carbon hoods and casings for the protection of sensitive electronic equipment in harsh environments
  • Chemically resistant machine parts for equipment used in chemically aggressive environments
  • Lightweight, self-supporting components for high-speed equipment
  • Carbon fibre-reinforced beams for large spans with minimal deflection requirements
  • Casings and components for X-ray and MRI equipment
  • Lightweight and complex shaped casings with integrated heating elements in the walls
  • Precision equipment components with high demands on tolerances

Working closely with your team for the best results

The possibilities are endless. And at Refitech, we don’t just develop composite components. Working closely with you as our customer, we will develop the best possible design for your needs, eagerly collaborating with your team on integrating functions, such as heating, fire protection, X-ray absorption, special wiring, fittings, coatings and much more.


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