Composite technical panels for various uses

Composite panels come in many compositions and variations for as many applications and markets. Are you looking for a supplier who can deliver tailored, in-spec and serially produced panels? Or are you in search of a partner with knowledge and experience for a specific application? If you are, Refitech is the partner to come to. We can help you with special material properties and finishes, quality specifications, mechanical properties, or small tolerances in weight or dimensions.

The material composition of sandwich panels can vary widely and always depends on the specific application and functional requirements. Some examples of applied core materials include Airex, Rohacell, PIR (also known as polyisocyanurate), polypropylene honeycomb and Styrofoam.

Refitech is a specialist in complex compositions requiring precise measurement. With our own CNC portal milling machine we are able to incorporate all kinds of pockets, contours or inserts in many different materials with very low tolerances.


The right materials and the right process

Our approach is always based on combining our knowledge and experience regarding the various uses of fibres, resins, glues, sandwich materials and inserts with the right manufacturing processes.  While not a mass producer, we do offer serial production and tailored panels made with precision. With Refitech, you can be sure you will get the panel you specified – and not just a standard one.

Examples of applications realised at Refitech

  • Compound sandwich panels for air cargo
  • Composite fire-retardant panels
  • Sandwich panels with customer-specific top finish
  • High strength/-impact panels
  • Ultralight carbon fibre sandwich panels
  • Radiolucent panels
  • 2D preformed compounds
  • Panels with customer-specific trims and mounted inserts
  • High-impact panels for safe rooms


The combination of Rohacell and carbon fibre offers excellent radiolucency. In combination with its high stiffness, this makes this composition highly suitable for medical applications.


Our glass fibre-reinforced Styrofoam panel is ideal for applications in which a combination of high insulation value, light weight and strength is required. In addition to that, Styrofoam has a very low moisture absorption and is practically unaffected by humid weather conditions.

We offer many options for you to choose from

Here is a sample of the many possibilities you can choose from with Refitech:

  • Composite compounds with sandwich core
  • Top layers of composite, aluminium and plastic
  • Integration of plywood, aluminium, steel and conduits
  • CNC milling for insert pockets and contours
  • Many different measurements: from centimetre format to panels measured in metres

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