Refitech Composites Engineering Centre: one-stop shop for complex, customised products

Composites are particularly suited for designing complex products tailored entirely to your uses and requirements. During the product design phase, careful assessment and intensive consultation are of the utmost importance. Composite materials come with their own specific design rules, and, on top of that, there are many types of materials with different characteristics as well as several different production methods. Balancing these elements is a necessary part of creating a functional and cost-efficient product.


Critical assessments, realistic advice

Refitech has the knowledge to help you with this process and will offer realistic advice. The first question we will ask you in terms of engineering is all about the goals you want to achieve with the proposed composite component. What advantages do you expect from using carbon or fibreglass components? We will take a critical look at all functional benefits and offer solid advice on what you can and cannot expect in your situation.


Have an idea? We’re eager to discuss it with you

At the Refitech Composite Engineering Centre, we are equipped and eager to support you with your product engineering. Do you have an idea for a product or an innovative improvement for your machine and do you want to find out whether it can be made of carbon? Feel free to visit us and experience the material and its possibilities first-hand. At the Refitech Experience centre, we will let your engineers feel and explore existing products and discuss the feasibility of your concept. Based on your wishes, we can then offer a customised quotation.

Choose from different quotation options:

  • Full development trajectory from prototype design to controlled serial production;
  • Feasibility study including strength calculations, testing and prototype production.

Modest investment, even for low-volume production

Producing a composite product of any kind involves engineering and developing moulds. These investments can be quite manageable, especially if you compare them to the investments needed for many other materials and productions. This means that composite is an attractive option for products you intend to manufacture only in small numbers. At Refitech, we can manufacture both single and serialised machine components, always tailoring our production process to your needs and wants.

Refitech has the knowledge and experience to help you make informed and realistic choices. The goal: a robust product suitable for quality controlled and assured serial production. And depending on your requirements, we can design the project in different phases.


Sharing knowledge and enthusiasm

Using composites in engineering is custom work. In many cases, your mechanical engineers may see possibilities, but lack the knowledge, time or experience to investigate them. At Refitech, we are happy to come alongside and support your engineers. By working together on (re)engineering a component with composites, we will share experience, converting it into a working prototype ready for testing. This does not have to be a complex project. Its sole purpose is to equip your engineers with vital knowledge they can re-apply in subsequent design projects – and we like to see that happen. Besides, our engineers always enjoy the challenge of getting fellow engineers as enthusiastic about composites as we are.

Examples of engineering projects


  • Re-design of a metal robot arm, converting it to carbon, with integrating functionalities and a 40% weight reduction
  • Engineering, FEM analysis and production of single-piece carbon machine components with integrated aluminium inserts
  • Product re-design, quality and process optimisation of existing composite products
  • Transfer of production processes, involving re-engineering and product optimisation, as well as constant quality assurance
  • Design, prototype building and production of UAV/drone frames
  • Engineering of 3D composite leaf springs, sustainability tests, releases and serial production

“Many of our customers are market leaders in their field. By giving them access to the benefits of composites, we help them maintain their edge on competitors. The projects we carry out for these customers are often ‘top secret’, which is why we cannot always display the many innovations we have been a part of.” – Arthur Cooijmans, Refitech –

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