Carbon composite gripping systems for pick & place, robot handling and automated assembly.


The manufacturing industry relies on fast, accurate and cost-efficient product handling and assembly. Today, handling machines with robot technology are part of virtually every production process. At Refitech, we can help you develop and produce robotic arms, frames and grippers, among other things, using carbon fibre.


Using carbon as a basic material offers considerable advantages in this industry:

  • A lightweight robot arm or transfer arm results in low inertia, which means your robot can move faster and/or more accurately.
  • Lightweight moving machine parts means your machine can move a heavier pay-load, or that you can develop lighter machines, gear boxes and engines. The cost benefits are evident.
  • The high shapeability of our materials means you can easily design complex 3D shapes – as well as integrating conduits for air, vacuum or electronics that are well protected inside the moving parts.
  • Carbon epoxy does not shrink or expand, allowing for very low tolerances.
  • Stainless steel or aluminium inserts can be mounted very precisely in our materials.

Examples of applications realised at Refitech

  • Carbon arms and grippers for assembly robots
  • Manipulator arms for assembly and pick & place machines
  • Grippers for large five-axis robots
  • Structural components for very fast moving production and assembly machines
  • Support frames for assembly machines with a large span and very small deflection.


Completely at home in product design

At Refitech, we have a lot of experience with using composite in applications like these. As a result, our customers often involve us in product design, benefiting from the expert support we can offer their engineers in terms of composite knowledge and specific design rules.

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