Looking for an alternative to your titanium or stainless steel casings? Be amazed by the value carbon composite can add to your product.

Higher production speeds for your handling machines are now within reach. Refitech produces lightweight carbon fibre robotic arms. Weight-saving, rigid and fitted with inserts for optimal robot assembly.

Refitech is your independent specialist in carbon fibre assemblies for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), helicopters and multi-rotors. ISO-certified and serial quality guaranteed.

Refitech takes great care in producing the casing for your X-ray products and equipment. Ergonomic, rigid and radiolucent.

End your search for a lightweight construction right here. Refitech will gladly help you find a solid weight-saving solution. Read more about our products services.

We offer many kinds of panels with outstanding properties. Large format composite sandwich panels. Made of materials ranging from fibreglass to foam, wood and many other compositions. CNC-milled with minimal tolerances for precise measurement and fit.

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