With our roots in Waalwijk, the Netherlands, Refitech is showing robust growth on the international market. We owe this growth to increasing expertise, loyal customers and solid investments in capacity expansion. One example: we are one of the few European composite specialists who, in addition to our own production location in the Netherlands, have a location in China. Our partnership with German partner CG Tec further strengthens and broadens our role as an international player.


Our Chinese production plant is located in Ningbo and has been operational since 2012. After a few years of developing and experimenting, our Chinese team has grown into a fully-fledged part of the Refitech concept.

As well as adding to our capacity, production in China offers us the opportunity to realize our ambition: make carbon solutions available for customers who think this amazing material is too expensive for them. What’s more, we can introduce you to the Chinese market as a European player offering carbon products.

Characteristics of our Chinese production

  • Dutch management guarantees European quality standards
  • Self-managed purchasing in China guarantees control over material specifications as well as stable deliveries and continuity for our customers
  • Specifications are leading: your drawings and dimensions are the reference
  • Our customers include European Refitech customers, Chinese customers, European multi-nationals with locations in China

Benefits of our Chinese production

  • Thanks to lower costs we can offer affordable carbon volume production
  • We can transfer complex components that we develop in the Netherlands to our Chinese plant for serial production
  • We can deliver carbon components to your local Chinese subcontractor
  • We can support you in entering the Chinese market with your machine

Is my product made in Waalwijk or in Ningbo?

For each situation we discuss which location is best for you. We look at all the factors in your application – from product complexity to production process type, including purchase volumes and cost/price targets.

Do you have any wishes or ideas to share with us? Contact us today to discuss them.


In 2017 zijn wij een partnerschap aangegaan met het Duitse collegabedrijf CG Tec. De samenwerking biedt beide partijen belangrijke voordelen en groeimogelijkheden. Nog belangrijker: u kunt er als klant van profiteren.

Zo profiteert u van de samenwerking tussen Refitech en CG Tec

Meer technische product oplossingen: Composiet pultrusie in carbon, glas en basalt.

?Eindloos pultrusie signaal kabels

?Professionele, industriële spelers
?Diepgaande kennis van carbon en composieten
?In beide bedrijven een zeldzame mix van ‘witte jassen’ en ‘blauwe jassen’, oftewel professioneel management en ambachtelijke creativiteit

Ontdek meer over onze marktenonze producten of ons maatwerk. Of neem contact met ons op voor een oriënterend gesprek.

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