Your high-quality carbon fibre components manufacturer

Refitech specialises in engineering and producing industrial components made of composites. Composites are synthetics reinforced with carbon and glass fibre. Their unique mechanical properties offer excellent opportunities for innovative product solutions with above-average performance. For example, carbon fibre materials are ideal for building lightweight, strong, stiff high-performance components for technical products and machines.

Want to learn more? Contact us today. We look forward to meeting you and discussing the added value carbon fibre can bring to your products, performance and profitability.


Our markets

Our component solutions for different industrial markets are realistic and accessible. If your market is not among those described below, please contact us to discuss possibilities for your situation.



Looking for an alternative to your titanium or stainless steel casings? You will be amazed at how much value carbon composite can add to your product.


Higher production speeds for your handling machines are now within reach. Refitech develops lightweight carbon fibre robotic arms to customer specification.


Refitech is your independent specialist in carbon fibre assemblies for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), helicopters and multi-rotors. ISO-certified and serial quality guaranteed.


Refitech takes great care in producing reliable casings for your X-ray products and equipment. Ergonomic, rigid and radiolucent.

Latest news

Keep in step with your market by reading the latest news on composites and Refitech’s activities.

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